Melbourne’s Trusted Pre Sale Inspections

It is the ultimate aim of every home seller to ensure that their property is shown in the best possible light to potential buyers.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to achieve this goal for a variety of reasons such as limited time, cost of repairs and similar restrictions. This sometimes results in the seller trying to hide possible defects within the property which, if unearthed by a potential purchaser, only portrays the vendor in a bad light.

The most effective way to fully minimise this possibility is to be straight forward with any potential buyer.

How our pre sale building report can assist

When you contact us to arrange a presale building report you have an advantage by:

– Identifying and detailing any maintenance or defect issues
– Secure the confidence of a potential buyer
– Leave room for negotiation in the final price before you actually go to the market
– Enhance the reasons why a perspective buyer can make a fast decision
– Reduce the decision time necessary for the buyer by eliminating his need to obtain his own reports.

Benefits of our comprehensive inspection

When you show a prospective buyer a copy of our detailed Building and Pest inspection reports, then you are indicating to that buyer you have absolutely nothing to hide.

By purchasing our Combined Building and Pest Inspection in Melbourne and providing a copy of this to the purchaser, you are encouraging that purchaser to make an early offer which would not be conditional on receiving further satisfactory building reports.

If conducted early enough, you will also find yourself in a position to repair some of the defects before allowing buyers to inspect your property. Not only will this increase the chances of a higher offer, but it will remove the headache of having to negotiate a lower price on account of any remaining defects.

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