Pre Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne That You Can Rely On

Know what you need to make a smart decision. At 360 Property Inspections it is our sole intention to provide you with the most comprehensive pre purchase house inspections report available. Our building inspections depict the actual condition of the property, but we go further; we not only provide a detailed written report, but we also support the report with photographic evidence of any problem we might find.

If you want, we can also prepare an estimation of the costs involved to put right any substandard or faulty condition we find within any area of the premises. Even after completing our pre purchase inspections, you have the guarantee of our ongoing support for as long as you wish!

Only the most thorough pre purchase house inspections

Building Interior

– Ceilings – we will be looking for any signs of water penetration or leaks, defective wall surfaces.
– Walls and Floors – our building inspections identify the integrity of the walls, documenting any cracks, dampness and defective surfaces. At the same time, we will follow the same process to inspect the floors.
– Doors and Windows – we will ensure these components all operate without hindrance and document any existing wet rot decay or deterioration.
– Wet Areas – these include kitchens, bathroom, toilets and laundry areas. We will check for moisture damage which could result from faulty waterproofing, leaking plumbing, faulty tiles and possible presence of mould hidden in cupboards resulting from water leakage.

Roof Cavity

– We make sure that the area is structurally sound, whilst also checking the condition of insulation material or presence of rodent infestation.
– We look for any obvious signs of electrical safety hazards or water leakage resulting from broken or inadequate roof tiles.

Roofing Materials

– In this area of our house inspections we look for any existence of broken or damaged tiles, valleys, ridgeways, guttering, downpipes, chimneys and flues.
– We will verify that the gutters and downpipes are securely fastened to the main structure and function as intended.

Building Sub Floor

– We identify any hazardous materials that may be stored in this area.
– We check that there is adequate ventilation and that all air vents are completely clear and unobstructed.
– We check for any dampness or decay to the floor frame, stumps, piers and ensure there is no visible water leakage.

Building Exterior

– We ensure that all external walls show no signs of cracking, wear and tear or areas of damp and decay.
– We inspect all decks, balconies, verandahs and patios to make sure they are structurally sound and that any rails or balustrades are securely fixed to prevent safety hazards.
– We look for any signs of rotting timbers around doors, windows and external posts.
– Finally we check the hot water system and ensure that it has the appropriate electrical safety switch is installed.

Boundary Area

– We look for evidence of cracking or subsidence on parts and driveways.
– We inspect the condition of boundary fencing for any signs of rot or general water retention.
– Should there be any outbuildings, we will inspect these for obvious signs of degenerating waterproof conditions and if the structures are sound.


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