Let us take the worry out of building your new house.

If you have ever purchased a brand-new building before, then you will know that there is a plethora of outstanding faults that need to be completed by the builder.

The problem is the builder wants to be paid before he actually completes all the jobs to your satisfaction.

Also to the average layperson, shoddy workmanship, use of inferior materials and general carelessness often do not become obvious until well after you have taken possession of the house.

All too often, site supervisors are monitoring several new builds at once and due to pressure, often miss these problems.

But our home is almost completed!

Don’t worry!

Whilst we obviously can’t check all the superstructure as it is already in place, we can check and make sure that any “niggling” little bits are full completed and repaired by the builder before you move in.

Just show him a copy of our report with a request that he puts right all the faults and you can move into your nice new home, knowing that all the faults have been detected and put right.

Contact our Chief Inspector, Alan on 0424 259 408 for further help and advice.