Comprehensive Pre Auction Inspections Available Melbourne Wide

At auction – always Inspect before you Bid!

As the saying goes – “When the hammer falls, it’s yours!”

We cannot over emphasise enough that if you have seen the house of your dreams and you want to bid for it at auction, it is essential that you are fully aware of the condition of the house before you enter the bidding game! Any faults, defects, pest infestations, or other damage that was not visible in your initial inspection, will then become your problem and your burden to fix.

It is too late when the hammer falls; the property is yours and it is highly unlikely you would have recourse should you find damage in the property after the auction has finished.

Make no mistake, any insurance that you take out on the building after the auction, will specifically exclude any pre-existing damage prior to you owning the property.

Get a pre auction building report before it’s too late

By instructing us to undertake a building inspection in Melbourne along with a termite inspection prior to the auction, you will have a comprehensive report that will detail any areas of concern within the building that could cost dearly in the future. Armed with this information, our thorough building report will put you in a strong position to negotiate a much more favourable price, or at least have the previous owners pay to fix any potential damage.

Urgent Inspections

We are fully aware that a decision to attend an auction might be a last-minute consideration and therefore you may need our Inspections to be completed as soon as possible.

If you contact our Chief Inspector, Alan on 0424 259 408 he will make sure that one of our Melbourne inspectors is with you soon as is humanly possible!