Combined Building Inspections For Melbourne’s Suburbs

Know your property in the finest detail. It’s negligent to assume that building inspections by themselves will unearth all potential problems resulting from the ingress of Termites or other Timber Pests.

Since this is our most popular inspection, Melbourne property owners actually save in two ways. First, both inspections are completed at the same time using two inspectors. Second, the cost of combined building inspections is considerably cheaper than having two separate inspections carried out at two separate times.

Remember that all our inspections and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3 – we also offer ongoing support should you have any concerns relating to any problems that we may have identified in the report. Get to know your Melbourne home or business in detail.


Our building inspection

Building Interior

– We check that the interior walls for racking; that there is no indication of dampness in the flooring or signs of movement, rot or indeed decay.
– We look for any signs of water penetration to the ceilings.
– We ensure that both doors and windows are fitted correctly and close properly.
– We check all wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries for any signs of moisture, leakage, visible plumbing or pipe concerns, the integrity of waterproofing and any signs of mildew or dampness in storage cupboards.

Roof Cavity

– We satisfy ourselves as to the overall integrity of this area and look for any evidence of water leakage, damage to insulation material or electrical wiring, along with the presence of any possible infestation of rats, mice or other rodents.

Building Sub Floor

– We make sure that there have been no hazardous materials stored in this area and that pest cappings are fully effective.
– We check the adequacy of the overall ventilation in the area but also look for possible dampness.

Roofing Materials

– We look for any damage to tiles, ridges and valleys, guttering, downpipes, flashings and box gutters.
– We verify that the overall roofing has been secured correctly as have any chimneys and flues.


– We will identify any signs of wear, damp or other damage on the external walls.
– We will ensure that all balconies, verandas, decks and patios along with associated rails and balustrades are securely fitted for safety.
– We will access the hot water system and the installation of safety switches.
– We will identify any possible rotting timbers around windows, doors and posts.

Main Site and Boundary

– We will look for any evidence of water retention, ineffective drainage or possible rising damp within this overall area.
– We will comment on the state of any driveways, steps or retaining walls, with particular relation to cracking indicating possible subsidence.
– We will check any outbuildings and determine the structural integrity and safety conditions.


Our pest inspection

During this inspection, we will be specifically looking and identifying any areas where damp is present or could arise, since these are the ideal conditions that pests and termites look for in order to infest. Extremely important due to Melbourne’s climate and weather.


– We will identify any home appliances which may be adjacent to exterior walls and could allow the release of water, creating dampness within the area.
– Ensure that any water overflow pipes are directed well away from the building.
– Identify areas containing garden debris, household items or timber which may be stored in close proximity to the building, offering conditions conducive to termites.
– Locate the possible build-up of garden beds or soil close to the building which could restrict airflow and enhance termite access.
– Undertake a full inspection of fences, trees and outbuildings for any signs of termite or pest infestation.


– Identify any major and general plumbing leaks in all wet areas including kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, particularly within cupboards.
– Check all interior timbers for signs of damage and indication of hollowness.

Sub Floor

– We ensure that all ventilation ducts are not obstructed and allow free airflow throughout the sub floor area.
– Will identify any discarded timber building materials that have been stored under the house and could encourage termite activity.
– We look for signs of poor drainage, blocked weep holes or any other sign of decay.
– We check for any signs of water leakage under the wet areas of the property, since this dampness would assist in termite infestation.

Roof Void

– We will check for any evidence of leakage to the roof, external drainage or plumbing as well as any signs of termite or pest activity within the materials themselves.

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