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If you are thinking to invest in a residential or commercial property in Melbourne, then building inspection is a must.

A building inspection gives you the assurance that the property you are buying is reliable and professionally built. We, at 360 Degrees Property Inspection, are dedicated to providing the best building inspections in Melbourne.

Why Do You Need A Building Inspection?

  • Ensures safety of your family
  • You can avoid costly repairs in the future
  • Help you to set aside a budget for repairs
  • Determine the rate of return on building investment
  • You can negotiate with the dealer and ask for a lower price

It is important to ensure that you receive all the details about the property you are about to purchase to prevent any future financial loss.

Having years of experience, we ensure you to provide a detailed and in-depth examination of your property for any defects or damage that need to be addressed.

Our Quality Building Inspection Services Include:

Whether you are thinking of renovating or dealing with the issue in a building you already own, our building inspection service will provide you with a complete peace of mind knowing that the property is safe.

Get a Thorough Inspection of Property with Our Building Inspectors

A building inspection is meant to provide you with objective advice regarding the physical state of your property. This advice helps you to take a decision whether to purchase a property or not. The overall process of building inspection is carried out by our qualified and experienced building inspectors.

They are committed to inspecting your residential or commercial property before providing you with a comprehensive building inspection report. To ensure the perfect condition of your building, they inspect all the areas including:

  • Exterior of building – including doors, deckers, walls, stairs, water heater regulator and more.
  • Interior of building – including bathroom, kitchen, ensuite, toilets, bedrooms and more.
  • Underfloor space – including posts, supports, piers, ventilation, surface water, sub-floor timber framing structure and more.
  • Roof exterior – including gutters, downpipes, metal roofing, vents and flues, tiles and more.

Our skilled building inspectors examine all the hard-to-access areas and prepare a detailed but easy to understand report. From photos of roof cavity, internal areas, roof covering to the subfloor and any area of concern, everything is covered in the report provided to you. This report helps you to know regarding any defects and issues of your property.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast report delivery: Our dedicated building inspectors provide you detailed written building inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. With the help of this report, you can make sure what repairs are to be requested by your real estate agent.
  • Competitive Price: We have been performing building inspections in Melbourne for many years and are expanding. Pricing of our services is competitive which will help you to get the perfect building inspection. 
  • Experienced building inspectors: Our building inspectors have the experience and thorough knowledge to offer you with a professional and an excellent visual inspection of the property. From the foundation of the building to the roof area, they inspect all.
  • Professional advice: Being the renowned service provider of building inspection and house inspection in Melbourne, we provide you with reliable advice regarding any problem.

Contact Us for Professional Building Inspections

If you are looking for quality building inspections in Melbourne, then 360 Degrees Property Inspections is here to help you.  We deliver complete peace of mind that comes with property ownership. In order to, know more about our building inspection services, contact our highly experienced team at 0424 259 408.