Termite, Pest And Building Inspections To Keep Melbourne Safe

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Most household insurance SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES damage resulting from Termite Infestation!


Removal of termites or pests can prove a very costly exercise and remember, it’s quite likely there will be no assistance from your insurance company!

Our full Termite Inspection Report is probably the most important and cost effective inspection that we can carry out on your behalf.

Dampness attracts Termites and other Pests and as a result, we undertake all of our Melbourne building and pest inspections to comply with Australian Standards 4349.3 which ensures that our inspection report is fully comprehensive.

Needless to say, should we find any traces of Termites, we will attach relevant photographs in support of our Inspection Report.

A thorough, reliable pest inspections team

Termites and pests could be hiding anywhere in your home, so our professional team makes sure to scrutinise the hard-to-reach parts to ensure that every possible living space is eliminated.


– We look at all areas in close proximity to the main building for signs of garden debris, household items and stored timber which can offer breeding areas for Termites.
– We identify any appliances that may hold water that could be released alongside the building – this includes overflow pipes.
– We will pinpoint any build-up of soil or garden beds that could prevent adequate airflow and grant termites easy access to the building.
– We inspect boundary fences, any trees or outbuildings for signs of existing or potential breeding grounds for termites.

Sub Floor

– We ensure there is no blockage to ventilation grills which could obstruct the airflow in this area.
– Identify any signs of decay, blocked weep holes or overall poor drainage.
– Our pest inspections look for any signs of water leakages from the wet areas within the property.
– We ensure that all and any discarded timber material has been removed.

Roof Void

We verify the absence of roof, plumbing or pipe leaks which could cause inadequate drainage.

– We make sure that there is no evidence of termite activity within the roofing materials.


– Mould arises from dampness and so we check for any presence of mould within the bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas.
– Similarly we look for any general plumbing or drainage leaks.
– Using Thermal Imagery technology, we ensure that timbers show no signs of hollowness or other damage.

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