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What is building inspection?

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What is building inspection?

Commercial Building Inspections – Invest in Right Commercial Property

Are you planning to sell or invest in a commercial property? 360 Degrees Property Inspections offer a complete range of building inspections in Melbourne to people who are looking to purchase or sell a commercial property. With over 25 years of experience in the building trade, our team of building inspectors are well-versed in handling every type of commercial property inspection.

What Do You Need to Know about Melbourne Property Inspections?

Building inspections are crucial regardless of it being a residential or a commercial. If you are planning to buy a commercial property, the inspection can protect you from investing in a property that ends up being costly due to the repairs to be done post-purchase.

Our commercial property inspections are suitable for:

  • Buyers and investors of any industrial property
  • Owners and sellers of industrial buildings
  • Facility managers of commercial properties

If you fall into any of these categories, carrying out a building inspection in Melbourne becomes a must, especially when you are looking forward to buying one. This is because:

  • It gives you a peace of mind that you are investing in a right commercial property
  • It lets you discover any hidden faults that you may not have found otherwise
  • It helps you know if the building complies with the commercial building regulations

What Will We Cover Under Our Commercial Property Inspections?

Our commercial property inspection includes the following:

  • Site characteristics that include paving, landscaping and utilities
  • Building structure and foundation
  • Building envelope
  • Roof surface areas
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Elevators and conveyance systems
  • Interior elements and much more

Our building inspector checks these factors in detail and assists you in understanding the condition of a building as well as giving you confidence that you are making a right investment.

How Can You Pass a Building Inspection?

If you are planning to sell your commercial building, our experienced team of building inspectors has recommended this useful checklist that will help you clear the Melbourne Property Inspection with ease.

  • Make sure that you are ready for the inspection
  • Check the roof and foundation
  • Check the drainage
  • Remove the clutter from your commercial building
  • Make sure floors are even
  • Monitor the exterior
  • Check electricity
  • Provide documentation for repairs and maintenance
  • Assess your HVAC system
  • Make sure your commercial premise is insulated

If you have kept the above-mentioned factors up-to-date, there are high chances that your inspection report turns out to be positive i.e. your building is in accordance with the rules applicable for the construction of a commercial building.

On the other hand, if we carry out a commercial building inspection for a prospective buyer like you and unfortunately, find a bad inspection report, do not fret. We will further help you out to find the defects in detail, by explaining you a whole range of the potential problems that you can encounter in the future. We can then discuss the gravity of the significant problems and evaluate the possible costs of rectification.  The benefit of knowing the defects beforehand can help you negotiate accordingly, letting you settle for a good deal.

Property Inspections Are Always Recommended

Commercial building inspections are imperative for both, the buyer and the seller.

  • From the Seller’s Perspective

If you are a commercial builder and you tend to receive complaints about the property post-purchase, it can affect your reputation and ultimately your business. Hence, we always recommend you to carry out the property inspections to have a peace of mind that the commercial buildings have followed the existing construction laws.

  • From the Buyer’s Perspective

If you are investing in a commercial property, you will have high expectations of making the best deal. So, to keep your expectations intact, it is best to hire our building inspector. Inspecting every nook and corner of the building, we will present you a report that will help you identify the potential problems if any. You can further negotiate and get the safe deal out of your commercial property investment.

In addition to commercial building inspections, our professional team of building inspectors even carry out the house inspections in Melbourne. With an enriched experience for years, we know how to make your investment a safe as well as a profitable one. Contact us today at 0424 259 408 to avail our building inspection service and to ensure you that you are investing in a right commercial property.

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