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Why to invest in a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Before buying A Property

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Why to invest in a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Before buying A Property

360 Degrees Property Inspections is a reputed Melbourne based company offering high-quality property inspection services. We are fully licensed and insured for providing the best quality pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne and all our inspections are carried out according to the Australian Standards.

Our complete range of building inspection services in Melbourne is suitable for all types of properties. The combined building and pest inspection Melbourne wide services are a cost-effective measure for property inspection. Due to this reason our combined building inspection services are quite popular in Melbourne.

What Are Pre-Purchase Inspections?

A pre-purchase inspection involves a detailed assessment of a property by a licensed professional. It is used for determining the condition of a property prior to making a major investment decision. Pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne wide services are the perfect way to gain information about a property that you are interested in.

Building inspection Melbourne services are required due to these reasons:

  • To make sure that the building is safe
  • Identify any risks associated with the building structure
  • Gain more information about the maintenance costs involved

Our pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne will help you:

  • Confirm the property is worth the selling price offered
  • Estimate the real value of a property
  • Make a sound decision or investment
  • Plan renovation and repair projects
  • Advice on property maintenance and preservation

How Much Does A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Cost?

The fees charged for pre-purchase building inspection depends on several factors like the age, type, size and location of the property.

The price of the inspection services can range from:

  • $400 to $500 for a standard four-bedroom home in a regional
  • $800 to $1000 for a four-bedroom home in a metropolitan area.

What Do We Look for In A Home Inspection?

Our pre-purchase building inspection Melbourne service provides detailed information about the condition of a property. Inspection services include the building interior, roof cavity, roofing materials, building subfloor, exterior and boundary area:

  • Building Interior
  • Signs of water penetration or leaks in the ceilings and defective wall surface
  • Identify integrity, documenting cracks, dampness or defective surfaces of walls and floors
  • Check the working condition of the doors and windows and documenting deterioration or wet rot decay
  • Check the wet areas like kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry plus cupboards for moisture damage resulting from faulty waterproofing, leaking plumbing or faulty tiles


  • Roof Cavity
  • Ensuring that the area is structurally intact
  • Check the condition of the insulation material for presence of rodents
  • Signs of electrical safety hazards or leakage of water from inadequate or broken roof tiles


  • Roofing Materials
  • Look for existence of damaged ridgeways, tiles, valleys, guttering chimneys, downpipes and flues
  • Verify that the gutters and downpipes are fastened securely to the main building structure and functional


  • Building Sub Floor
  • Identify hazardous materials stored in this area
  • Check presence of adequate ventilation and that the air vents are unobstructed and clear
  • Check for decay or dampness to the stumps, floor frame, piers and ensure there is no water leakage


  • Building Exterior
  • Ensure that the external walls show no sign of cracking, wear and tear, dampness or decay
  • Inspect balconies, decks, verandahs and patios to make sure their structural integrity is intact
  • Ensure that the rails and balustrades are securely fixed to prevent any safety hazard
  • Check hot water system and ensure that it has appropriate electrical safety switch installed


  • Boundary Area
  • Look for evidence of cracking on parts and driveways
  • Inspect the condition of boundary fencing for signs of rot or water retention
  • Inspect for signs of degenerating waterproofing condition and structural integrity of the outbuildings


  • General
  • Search for signs of bubbles or blister on the paintwork indicating termite activity
  • Look for presence of fretting in the brickwork
  • Check if the property is in a bushfire-prone or flood-prone area

Who Pays for The Home Inspection: The Buyer Or The Seller?

In most of the cases, it is the prospective buyers who invest in inspection services as they are the most concerned about accessing the condition of a property. This is an essential step to ensure that any purchase decision made about the property is correct and the property remains in a good condition after the purchase. The cost of the inspection services is quite less compared to the amount of money which is at stake when purchasing a property. The sellers in some cases may also want to assess the condition of a property for their own records.

How Long Does It Take for A Home Inspection Report?

Property inspectors provide comprehensive reports describing the condition of the property. We provide pre-purchase building reports with accurate information within 24 hours of inspection. You will find our services to be very beneficial in case you require the report promptly. We can also include information in the report about any special inspection requests.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers

Pre-purchase inspections involve checking the condition of the different property features:

Flooring, Structure, Exterior, Windows, Doors, Roof, Attic, Interior, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Basement, Plumbing, Electrical Fittings, Heating/Cooling System

The prospective buyers must also pay attention to the following:

  • Ensuring that the building permits were obtained for any renovation and extension work done
  • Is the property included in an owner’s corporation?
  • Does the property have insurance coverage?

Why Choose Our Services?

You can choose us for pre-purchase property inspections because of these benefits associated with our services:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Completely reliable services
  • Use of modern technology
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Free lifetime support

Our Expert Building Inspection Services:

Our property inspectors are very well trained and experienced professionals. The technology used for detection is advanced and sophisticated. Any size and type of property can be inspected, and the prices offered are quite affordable.

While providing detailed information about the condition of the property, we also include photographic evidence of any damage in the report. An estimate of the costs involved in the repair works required at the property premises can be provided.

Our services are completely trustworthy and we provide you with only genuine information. We are committed to providing the best quality services and wish to keep improving our methods with every project.

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