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4 Tips for Hiring a Property Inspector

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4 Tips for Hiring a Property Inspector

Buying your dream home in Melbourne is one of the most important decisions of your life. Your first priority before purchasing a property is to make sure that there are no hidden surprises in the property. So, in order to determine the actual condition and worth of the property, it is essential to opt for the house inspection in Melbourne. Through this inspection, you will not only get the idea about the structural integrity of the building but also have to correct the issues in a timely manner.

Property inspections in Melbourne are conducted by a qualified and experienced property inspector. The responsibility of a property inspector is to ensure that the buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible. They will identify and analyse issues with construction techniques, building materials and design.

Roles of a Property Inspector

  • Management of the inspection process from the beginning of a building to completion
  • Issues the property permit before building construction starts
  • Certifying property structures and plans according to the building rules and regulations

Overall, the role of the property inspector in Melbourne is to ensure a building is structurally accurate to the original plan without any hidden problems.

What Does A Property Inspector Look For?

The building inspector should check all the accessible parts of the property including:

  • Building site, including fencing, surface water drainage, stormwater run-off and paths, garage, carport or garden shed, separate laundry or toilet, driveways, and retaining walls
  • Electrical safety switch
  • Interior and exterior of the property
  • Roof exterior and under-floor space
  • Visible signs of asbestos
  • Operable smoke alarms and more.

There are so many property inspectors in Melbourne for property inspections. So, how can you choose the one that will serve you the best inspection service? Consider the below-mentioned tips for hiring a property inspector in Melbourne:

  1. Check for the Online Reviews

Reputation is everything. Before hiring a property inspector, it is advisable to do research and check for online reviews. This way you will get in touch with the best property inspector offering reliable house inspections in Melbourne. Also, when you get a reference from other property owners or real estate agents make sure that you receive specific advice according to your property size and scope.

  1. Consider the Experience

Experience of a building inspector is one of the most important criteria to look for. For instance, a house cannot be dismantled during an inspection just to know the hidden issues. It is essential to have someone who has experience in home-building, from the ground up and knows about the layout of the house systems. So, an inspector with the proper qualifications and skills will not unnecessarily dismantle a house to know what’s inside.

  1. Ask for Sample Reports

It is necessary to ask the inspector to provide a sample of checklist or inspection report for the detail evaluation. You should consider that is the information presented in the report is explained clearly and completely or it just consists a series of checkboxes. If the report is lengthy, then it is beneficial in the long run than a simple checklist.

  1. Evaluate the Cost

When you are ready to hire a house inspector before buying a house in Melbourne, consider the cost at which you will get the best property inspections in Melbourne. When hiring a property inspector, look for the cost that is not too low or too high. Always search for a combination of qualified and cost-effective house inspector.

Looking for the Trustworthy Property Inspector in Melbourne?

If you are looking for the best property inspector, then 360 Degrees Property Inspections is here to help you with accurate house inspections in Melbourne, including professionally written house inspection report. Contact us at 0412 345 678 and determine any structural problems and hidden costs before buying your dream property in Melbourne. Book your property inspection today.

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